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2023 Nissan Kicks Model Review

The 2023 Nissan Kicks is redesigned to be more high-tech and safe. Now, the 2023 Kicks will be equipped with the Nissan Brain System that utilizes artificial intelligence. Nissan has also made its engine more fuel efficient so that you can save money on gas. The new exterior design makes it look sportier than ever with a smooth curve design and its light green, white, gray, and silver pastel colors.

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Nissan Versa Service Intervals

The Nissan Versa came along in 2006 and gave America an affordable 5-door sedan option. It continues to be a reliable and durable model that runs well into old age. Nissan Versa service intervals are something every owner should research at the beginning of their ownership. Whether you're buying at 0 miles or 60,000 miles, you'll have a healthier model by getting into a regular routine of maintenance. Read the owner's manual to find out the official Nissan Versa maintenance schedule for your model year of Versa.

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Nissan Enhances Certified Pre-Owned Program to Include Older Models and Select Non-Nissan Vehicles

The Nissan Motor Corporation has announced that it is enhancing its existing CPO program in the U.S with the addition of select non-Nissan vehicles and older models from various other automakers. There will be greater access to certified pre-owned models for those who want to acquire a quality vehicle at a lower cost but may not be able to afford the prices on new, depreciated models.

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