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Nissan Electric Vehicles For Sale

Nissan has two electric vehicles in production, which are called the Leaf and the Ariya. Both offer tremendous fuel economy and other perks such as cutting-edge technology, comfortable cabins, and top-notch safety aids. Nissan entered the electric car market over ten years ago with the Leaf, a five-passenger electric vehicle that the automaker still produces today. The Ariya, an SUV, is the latest electric car that Nissan has on the market. You can get more details about both vehicles at our dealership, including information on their capabilities.


Nissan Rogue Service Intervals

To perform at its best, your Nissan Rogue will need to have several full-service appointments starting at 10,000 miles. Having your car's engine serviced regularly will make it run more smoothly and quietly. It will also maximize your Rogue's fuel economy and prevent larger and more expensive mechanical issues later on. Along with checking the engine at all Nissan Rogue service intervals, a certified Nissan technician will look at the car's other components to check for problems and potential safety issues. To find out when your Rogue is due for service, check the Nissan Rogue maintenance schedule in the owner's manual for an accurate time frame.


2022 Nissan Ariya Model Review

The Ariya is an all-new release from Nissan that's already generating much excitement. The Ariya operates on electricity and is projected to get an impressive 300 miles in electric range. The Ariya even gives you a choice of power with two batteries. All-wheel drive is available for optimal traction, performance, and handling. The Ariya is also equipped with contemporary safety technology, including an optional hands-free automated driving system.